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OnlineCalculators.Eu is the new exclusive portal dedicated to the most widely used online calculators.
The portal is divided into sections and it's easily accessible through a clear and straightforward menu.
Do you need a calculator? Browse the Online Calculators Directory and you will find all kinds of helpful calculators.
You can enjoy for free the financial calculators as well as the healthy ones!
In fact we offer you the possibility to use for free all the available calculation tools on OnlineCalculators.Eu, without registration and without limits of use!
The calculators are also easy to use: are you looking for a tool to calculate your ideal weight? Select the category "Health and Wellness" from the menu on your left and click on the link you are interested in.

financial calculators

The Financial Calculators branch collects many calculators connected to the world of the finance.
You can use for free all the tools helping you to calculate the installment of a mortgage, to prepare a detailed amortization schedule, to calculate how to save money refinancing your mortgage with a lower interest rate (APR).
For example, do you want to use the Mortgage Payoff Calculator?
1) Enter the initial amount of your mortgage.
2) Select the currency you want the results to be shown.
3) Select the mortgage term in the dropdown menu.
4) Enter the number of payments already paid.
5) Enter additional payment per month. If the value is zero, the debt is extinguished at once time.
6) Enter the interest rate of the loan (APR).
All you need to do is following the instructions and enter the required data! The calculator will do its math!

health and wellness

The Health and Wellness branch contains a series of calculators very useful for those who love to be fit.
Burned Calories, Ideal Weight, Daily Calorie Intake, Weight Loss, Body Mass Index, Basal Metabolic Rate.
You can use and use again all the items, just for fun, or to help yourself to control your weight.
For example, do you want to calculate your Daily Calorie Intake? Easy:
Enter your height, your weight, your age, your gender. Then tell us about your job and your sport.
The calculator will tell you the daily caloric your body needs to maintain a healthy weight and to ensure a general well feeling.
(Remember that the provided result is purely 'indicative', and it never can replace a full medical examination or clinical tests executed by expert personnel.

other calculators

The section is dedicated to Various Calculators which do not belong to well-defined categories.
You can find for example a Scientific Calculator or a Date Range Calculator.
Know that you can use all the calculators every time you need to. Their use is free of charge.
Even if all the items are very easy and intuitive to use, they carry on a small card, showing a little but good explanation of the use of the calculator.
So, do you want to know what time it is in a certain city? Click on the Time Zone Calculator, enter the name of the town you need to know the time and the calculator will tell you automatically the time!


All the tools contained in these pages are tested directly by the site creators, so they correspond to actual user requests. OnlineCalculators.Eu can't be held responsible for improper use of either own and third party provided results. In no case or no event OnlineCalculators.Eu can't be liable for any direct or indirect damage, connected with or derived from the use of their own tools or search engine provided. Although the results are accurate and coherent with the laws of math and science, please note that the results obtained cannot be used for official computations.


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